Zendo Bubble Wrap Idea Scrapped

bubble wrap

The Zendo Project has announced that they will not, after all, be using bubble wrap to help burners who are having a difficult drug experience. 

According to a spokesperson for the Zendo Project, the idea came from a volunteer who was feeling particularly creative during their last shift. "We were brainstorming new ways to help people who are having a bad trip, and one of our volunteers came up with the idea of using bubble wrap to help calm people down," said the spokesperson. "We thought it was a little bit wacky at first, but then we tried it out and it initially worked really well."

How exactly does bubble wrap help someone who is having a difficult drug experience? According to the Zendo Project, the popping sound of the bubbles can be soothing and help distract someone from their negative thoughts and feelings. "It's kind of like ASMR, but for people who are tripping," explained the spokesperson.

The project took a turn, however, when some participants started trying to eat the bubble wrap, thinking it was a dessert topping. One person in particular mistook the bubble wrap for caviar, with the popping sensation reinforcing this hallucination. 

The Zendo Project had already begun implementing the bubble wrap technique at Burning Man, and the response had been overwhelmingly positive until a parcularly nasty incident where one participant wrapped his head in the bubble wrap and started doing his impression of Ricky Ricardo performing Babalu. 

Of course, there are some who are skeptical of the bubble wrap approach on basic principles. "I mean, come on, is this really the best we can do?" said one burner who wished to remain anonymous. "What's next, handing out fidget spinners to people who are having a bad trip?"

"Oh! The Universe in your palm! I'm on it!" said one Zendo member, rushing off.

Despite the naysayers, the Zendo Project is committed to using every tool at their disposal to help people who are having a difficult drug experience. So if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and in need of some extra support at Burning Man this year, don't be surprised if a volunteer hands you a sheet of bubble wrap. Just be careful.

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