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"Aliens Demand Refund: Thought Burning Man Was Actual Flaming Human!"

"'Mojave Mirage: The Day We Mistook a Dust Devil for the Sherpa Tent!'"

"Extra, Extra! Read All About It: Dust Storms Invent New Hairstyle Trend at Burning Man!"

"Playa Dust: Mother Nature's Glitter or the Ultimate Dry Shampoo?"

"Sunscreen Shortage Leads to Unexpected Art Exhibit: The Human Lobster!"

"Aliens Mistake Burning Man for Actual Man: Galactic Party Ensues!"

"'The Daily Burn': Where Dust Masks and Sunscreen are the New Black Tie!"

"Dehydration Station: Where Your Water Bottle is Just Another Costume Accessory!"

"Playa Dust: Mother Nature's Glitter Bomb!"

"Spontaneous Combustion: The Only Acceptable Way to Get a 'Burn'ing Body at Burning Man!"