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The Daily Burn

"Aliens Mistake Art Car for Mothership: Interstellar Party Ensues!"

"Psychedelic Sunscreen: SPF 1000 Not Enough for Astral Burns!"

"Polyester Tents & Disco Balls: Burning Man's Unofficial Fire Starters!"

"Sunscreen Shortage Sparks Panic: New Shade Structure Installation Service Skyrockets!"

"Extra Thirsty: 'Hydration Station' Mistaken for Performance Art at Burning Man!"

"Exodus Traffic Jam Escalates: Mutant Vehicles Now Racing Camels!"

"Survival of the Glitziest: When 'Leave No Trace' Meets Disco Ball Disaster!"

"Kaleidoscope Goggles: Because Seeing Normally is Too Mainstream!"

"Last Known GPS Coordinate: The Lost Porta-Potty!"

"Sparkleponies Unite! Glitter Shortage Strikes Fear at Burning Man!"