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Burning Man Introduces Five New Radical Principles!

We're not sure that these will catch on, but hey, it was a slow news day, so... Radical Inefficiency: Embrace the art of doing things the long and complicated way. Whether it's building a 10-foot sandwich or inventing a Rube Goldberg machine to open a can of soda, at Burning Man,...

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In an unexpected turn of events at this year's Burning Man, attendees are being hit with a rapidly-spreading virus known as "Burnbola."

The Burning Man organization announced today its new policy of granting a free ticket for life to any baby actually born on the playa during the burn.

Burning Man is notorious for its long entry lines, but this year, the organizers have come up with a new solution: an express lane for hitchhikers!

In a breakthrough discovery that could revolutionize the world of Burning Man fashion, scientists have developed a moopless fur that is perfect for costumes.

The Zendo Project has announced that they will not, after all, be using bubble wrap to help burners who are having a difficult drug experience.